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You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know

You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know

You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know is the story of how I uncovered my past, which had long been obscured by my family’s extreme circumstamces and by face blindness, a neurological disorder that prevents me from recognizing people by face. Along the way, I discovered a deeper truth: that even in the most flawed circumstances, love may be seen and felt.

Available October 14, 2010

The Practice of Creative Writing

The Practice of Creative Writing, 2e

The Practice of Creative Writing is designed for all students in the introductory course, including those who may never take another writing class. Its message is, simply put: you can do this, and it's worthwhile to try. Heather Sellers, who writes in multiple genres herself, has developed an approach that focuses on the habits and strategies that produce good writing in any genre. These habits and strategies make it possible for students to focus, to generate lots of writing, and to get to the good stuff -- the powerful imagery and the stories they really want to tell. She makes creative writing fun by providing opportunities to be playful and to experiment at the same time she teaches students the importance of discipline and craft.

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The Practice of Creative Writing

The Practice of Creative Writing - New edition forthcoming!

The Practice of Creative Writing is a comprehensive handbook for creative writers, any level, any genre. The book outlines my own approach to creating stories, poems, plays, and nonfiction experiments, combining what I learned from my teachers with what I’ve developed in my own classroom during nearly 25 years of teaching writing. The new edition has an expanded section on revision, a stunning new students-at-work feature, new readings, and a writing recipe kit!

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Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers

Chapter after Chapter: Discover the dedication & focus you need to write the book of your dreams

Chapter after Chapter is a different kind of writing book. It's a method for completing the book you are working on (or have always wanted to write). Yes, you need to know how to structure your book. And you also need to know how to create the time you'll need (it's a lot) to write the dang thing. For most people, technical skill comes faster than "discipline." You need both and that's how Chapter is unique...

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Page After Page By Heather Sellers

Page After Page: Discover the confidence & passion you need to start writing & keep writing (no matter what)

Page after Page is a writing book for people who don't do the exercises in writing books. It's written for those of us who feel the need to skip around when we read, making our own order for the chapters. Most "motivational" books make me feel I've purchased a palm-sized cheerleader, and she's yelling at me in a tiny loud voice...

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